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This handbook wants to be simply a practical tool for all those and those which wish to start a company in the cleaning of carpet and pieces of furniture of all kinds. It contains information based on a professional experiment acquired with the passing of years. The information contained in this ebook can also apply in all or partly to any kind of work at home business. Several will find there ideas that they will be able to put into practice in their own company.
Comment démarrer votre propre entreprise de nettoyage de tapis et meubles.
This manual reveals all the secrets to start a carpet and furniture cleaning company!

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Examine Contents and see the importance of the covered subjects and the multitude of information which it contains.

It is a complete and extremely useful handbook for any contractor who wishes to launch out in businesses in the field of carpet and furniture cleaning.

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  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Who am I?
  • To analyze the situation
    • Customers target
    • Choice of a name
    • How do you have to proceed?
    • Legal registry
  • Administrative concerns
    • Employees
    • Supplies
    • Insurances
    • Opening hours
  • Governmental resources
    • Taxes and taxes
    • Banking services
  • Equipment and material
    • Truckmount and transport
    • Ecological considerations
    • Cleaning methods
    • Chemicals
    • Suppliers
  • Services offered
    • Carpets cleaning
    • Furniture cleaning
    • Related services
      1. Rent supply
      2. Interiors of cars
      3. Mobile home
      4. Rugs and Eastern carpets
      5. Mattresses
  • Territory served
  • Publicity
    • Businesses cards
    • Web page
  • Cleaning tricks
    • Small surface
    • Great surface
    • Moisture
  • Work at home
  • Examples of opportunities
  • Conclusion

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